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I've been voicing radio ads and commercial videos for several years, and now have my own recording set-up. This allows me to turn around files pretty quickly. My rates are straightforward and available on request. Files are supplied clean, via Dropbox, in whatever format the project requires.

If the client is unhappy with the read, I'm happy to revoice any part of the job asap until the job is right. Changes to the script requiring further sessions will however incur the original session fee.

Incidentally, Lamb & Hayward seem to have taken a shine to my voice, and I now voice regular radio promos for them.

I recently lent my microphone (a heavily modified MXL 67V) to a friend at NZME Studios. Here's what he had to say: 'Damn, your modded mic is amazing! It blew the Rode NT2A out of the water, and it's currently punching above it weight against the U87.'

Here's a reel of things I have voiced recently (including the Lamb & Hayward radio ad that's been running since 2016), a link to the Ethique Concentrates promo I voice, a wee bit of fun, and also a nice bit of feedback

I'm so proud to have been part of this awesome promo for Ethique Concentrate, made by the amazing talents at Resonate Productions! Directed by the awesome Zac Bennett-Knight.

Got a fantastic comment on Facebook from a major New Zealand VO pro, whom I admire hugely:

"Well done Michael, you beat me in the auditions to get this one, and you did a damn fine job! Great work!"

Very, very pleased to read that.

Some vocal fun!

Wrote this affectionate take on what seemed to be every episode of my childhood favourite.

Written by myself and David Allen, this captures the voice and style of those old-time news reels.

Client Feedback
Hey Mike, just got the green light from the client. No changes required. Thanks again for your top quality work on this, much appreciated.
Mike, super casual read - client loved the read last time and requested you come back in.
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