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I have a Burlesque gig coming up at the end of this month! Saturday, 27th of November, at A Rolling Stone in Christchurch. It's called the House of Tease Rookie Review, organised by none other than the legendary Bonita Danger Doll! Doors open at 6pm, show starts at 7pm. Spray tan booked for the Friday, lol. I can't express how excited I am to be doing my act again. More details to follow. Tickets available from

$20 general admission, $30 for VIP table seat.

Finally, it looks like the play that kicked off my interest in Burlesque, Lover Boy, will at last be performed again. Probably around May next year, as part of a triple bill of one-act 'grown-up' plays. More details to follow as dates, venue etc shape up. This is the play that I created the choreography for the hapless 'strippergram' character that grew into my Burlesque routine.  

Still trying to lose weight and gain muscle. Looked pretty good for my JAMateur performance (especially with a heavy spray tan), and since it looks looks I'll be doing more Burlesque, I'm going to have to keep going. Still, there are heaps of old, fat actors, but not so many old, fit ones. I'm a work in progress...

gym may 2021.JPG

Recent stuff

Wow! Again! The JAMateur show was AMAZING! Had a great time, met some lovely people and made a few contacts from the Wellington burlesque circuit. (Hopefully I may have a gig or two up there next year). Once again, my 'Incompetent Stripper' routine went down a storm! I got my first 'stripper tip', from a lady who trains male strippers. She was impressed! I'm going to frame the money, though it should go towards paying the speeding fines I picked up coming home the next day. Still, I don't care. I haven't had a performing rush like that in years!

And it looks like I may be doing the act in other parts of the country. Yussss!!!

Click on the pic below to see the video of my performance in Lol-esque!

Recently, Jan and I submitted a wee self-tape for an un-named TV advert. This got us a face-to-face audition, too! Sadly we didn't get the gig in the end, but we had a whole lot of fun trying! Here's our entry, just click on the picture...

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