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After my recent theatrical outing is as Jefferson Steele, in A Bunch of Amateurs, (where I played a fading Hollywood action hero who's been conned into playing King Lear in 'a' Stratford, with a bunch of amateur thespians), I'm in recovery mode. One hell of a lot of work went into it, including 'Gymtober', but as well as a very nice review One audience member approached me after to announce he was American and asked what part of the States I was from, When I asked him to guess, he said judging by my accent, California. Yusss! Guess my accent work also paid off! I got to wear a really awesome wig, too (I borrowed the wig I wore in Hudson and Halls: Live and restyled it. 

So, what's next? I have no idea, but I've become rather attached to my adopted 'Californian' accent, so a role in a US movie would be most welcome.

I really had a LOT of fun spoofing old movie posters for this play, which were displayed in the foyer of the theatre. (Apologies to Mr Connery and Mr Willis)

SHORT FILM NEWS: "On the Edge of Hope" the short film I had a wee role in, is now in post-production. More details to follow...

Due to technical issues, our 48HRS Film Competition entry was submitted too late to be judged. I'm told a properly edited version will soon be on-line. Will let ya know when and where.

FRANKIE BORDEAUX fans, watch this space, as I'm preparing to create a new routine, with a James Bond flavour!!!

VOICE NEWS: Just voiced another Lamb & Hayward radio advert, for Christmas. Canterbury folk should start hearing it in December.

Recent stuff

The Arvida Retirement Village TV advert I was in is now on-line. I'm the 'sweet as' guy. Just click on the pic for the link:

I recently reprised my role as Johnny Bordeaux in the play Lover Boy, which is where I created my 'Incompetent Stripper' routine. Once again it went down a storm! Also got to hand out my business card to several people who were keen for Frankie Bordeaux to make an appearance at their functions. Yussss!!!

Click on the pic below to see the video of my performance in Lol-esque!

Earlier this year, Jan and I submitted a wee self-tape for an un-named TV advert. This got us a face-to-face audition, too! Sadly, we didn't get the gig in the end, but we had a whole lot of fun trying! Here's our entry, just click on the picture...

Earlier this year I had some amazing headshots taken by the awesome Petra Mingneau! I have added a few to the Gallery. More to follow!!

Also had some done by Lara McGregor. As soon as I can get my hands on them, I'll post them here too.

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