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Coming Soon!

The US Accent Workshop organised by Equity was brilliant! We now have Zoom meetings every Tuesday to practice our accent work. 

Recently did a practice "self-test" audition via Equity, to be critiqued by an annonymous casting director. it was a piece from an American FBI procedural show (sadly, for copyright reasons I can't share it anywhere) where I play a team leader landed with a newcomer. Here's the feedback from the casting agent:

"I love how you felt like a true leader of this squad. My only note for the top of the scene is to have more emotion when talking about the victims. It’s sad that they appeared to be your everyday women who did good things in the world. Basically, humanize them. I love the moment when you look back and say “I’m not even BSU” – it created the environment which is always a great thing to do. I think it’s important to remember she was forced on you. How does that make you feel as someone who has more experience than her and is good at his job? Are you jealous of her “rock star” status? During this bit it was a little one note for me but adding the above I think would give it somewhere to go – another layer. Love from 'get the hair out of your face' on.

Take 2 – pretty much addressed all of notes for Take 1 so never mind – haha. LOVED it. Thank you!"

Whew! thank God for take 2!

I will be playing David Halls in the brilliant play, Hudson and Halls Live. It's the hilarious and touching story of two entertaining and argumentative TV chefs, and their devotion to cooking, rum and each other. Had our readthrough the other night, and rehearsals are now underway! Opening night is already sold out, so book now at

My neighbour was a student at Ara and worked on a mobile game as part of his course. I helped him as a voice, dialogue and story consultant, and inevitably ended up voicing some stuff for it. I'm STILL trying to get my hands on some video screen grabs so I can make a vid and post it here.

Still trying to lose weight and gain muscle; need to look good for my LOL-esque performance! There are heaps of old, fat actors, but not so many old, fit ones. I'm a work in progress...

New stuff

Our 'Beautiful Disaster 2020: The Cabaret' was a great success! The audience loved it, and there have been many demands for more shows. Plans are afoot to satisfy those demands... Certainly my 'boylesque' act went down a treat. Eeek! You'll find a vid of it on my Youtube channel. (Click on the pic below to go there) Seems that vid has gotten me a new gig! I recently applied for a spot in Lol-esque, a comedy burlesque show in Christchurch and... I'm IN! 29th May, at the Halo Bar & Lounge, in Christchurch. Wooohooo!

Recently I shot a commercial for Angel Bay, showing off their delicious meat patties. It was a very long, but fun-filled day, and the Director was very pleased. The production company are also very pleased with it, and are keen to work with me again soon. Click on the pic below for the link to it.

The new promo I voiced for Ethique Concentrates has now launched and it's BRILLIANT! There's a link to it on the VOICE page. I'm very pleased with the result! I was even more pleased to find that this gig came to me on the recommendation of a guy I worked with ages ago when he was still a film student! it's all about contacts... Also, I beat out a big name NZ voice artist to get this gig!

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