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Coming Soon!

Well, here's the poster for the play I'm currently rehearsing. It's very funny, and these Brick Road productions usually sell out pretty quickly, so if you can, grab a ticked soon.

For FRANKIE BORDEAUX fans: So far, he will be getting his kit off for a variety show at the Good Times Comedy Club, and around King's Birthday weekend. I'm hoping to get him lined up for some corporate gigs, too! More details to follow. Also, he's preparing to create a new routine, with a James Bond flavour!!!

The fantastic short film, On the Edge of Hope, which has done so well at film festivals has been re-written and expanded to become a full-length feature film!!! No news when this will happen yet, or even whether I get to reprise my role, but it's still great news.

Keep an eye open for me in the next (5th) instalment of Dark City: The Cleaner, currently streaming on Neon (in NZ). Watch for the scene in episode 5, where Joe sneaks in with the couple going up in the hotel lift. It's a very good programme (even without me in it!).

I was recently contacted by a film-directing friend to play a role in a movie she was directing early this year, called Trolgar and Me. Sadly, the funding fell over, but we are crossing fingers that this movie MAY still happen in the future. Sometimes one small investor pulling out can mean the difference between qualifying for NZ Film Commision funding or not.

Recent stuff

The super-itchy 'rugged' look I sported for this 'mockumentary' was well worth the trouble! The whole thing looks great and was such fun to shoot! Click on the pic above to me taken to it...

Hope to Die banner and link to the movie on You Tube

Also available on YouTube is the short film we made as part of One Dollar Genre. It's a western called Hope to Die, and it looks absolutely stunning!! I'm incredibly proud of every aspect of it, even my acting! It was shot over two days and edited in a week. A great story; very well told. Click on the pic above to be taken to it.

Awards from Catskill Film Festival

The short film I was in back in 2021, On the Edge of Hope, continues to do remarkably well in international film festivals. It was selected for the Regina International Film Festival 2023, the prestigious The HB Film Festival, and the very prestigious Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival , were we were very excited to receive Best Short Film Audience Choice Award.  What an honour. 

Also, we made movie magic at Catskill International Film Festival, winning 'Best Costume', 'Best Set Design', and 'Best International Film'.

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