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Coming Soon!

The US Accent Workshop organised by Equity was brilliant! We now have Zoom meetings every Tuesday to practice our accent work. I'm hoping this will put me in a good position if any auditions come up for US TV and film work...

Here's me as David Halls, in my fabulous wig! It's real hair, BTW

Half way through the run of Hudson and Halls - Live! and the performances are going great! It's the hilarious and touching story of two entertaining and argumentative TV chefs, and their devotion to cooking, rum and each other. 

Venue is Elmwood Auditorium, Christchurch. Opening night was a corporate gig, with many of the audience vowing to return with freinds to see it again! So, don't wait, hurry and book now at

My neighbour was a student at Ara and worked on a mobile game as part of his course. I helped him as a voice, dialogue and story consultant, and inevitably ended up voicing some stuff for it. I'm STILL trying to get my hands on some video screen grabs so I can make a vid and post it here.

Still trying to lose weight and gain muscle. Looked pretty good for my LOL-esque performance (especially with a heavy spray tan), but since it looks looks i'll be doing more Burlesque, I'm going to have to keep going. Still, there are heaps of old, fat actors, but not so many old, fit ones. I'm a work in progress...

Recent stuff

Wow! The Lol-esque show was AMAZING! Had a great time, and met some lovely people. So good to be sharing the stage with them. My 'Incompetent Stripper' routine went down a storm! 

Got heaps of really good feedback, especially from blokes in the audience (huh?). A big name in the Burlesque scene told me my act was totally "Bookable," so that's really good news. And it looks like I may be doing the act in other parts of the country. Yussss!!!

PS. Got asked to do a gig at a Dunedin burlesque show, but sadly the gig clashed with the final night of Hudson and Halls - Live!


Click on the pic below to see the video of the performance that got me the gig.

Recently I shot a commercial for Angel Bay, showing off their delicious meat patties. It was a very long day, made much easier by an outstanding director and crew. The Director and production company were very pleased with it, and are keen to work with me again soon. Click on the pic below for the link to it.

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