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Coming Soon!

I recently did a spec voicing for an advert for Ethique Shampoo.

Then had to re-do it, because it's pronounced Etique. Anyway, the company making it were very please, and so were their clients! As soon as I get a copy of the final edit, I'll put up a link here.

I was even more pleased to find that this gig came to me on the recommendation of a guy I worked with ages ago when he was still a film student! it's all about contacts...

COVID-19 has had an upside for NZ. Lots of overseas production companies are heading here. I recently did a couple of self-tape auditions; one for a big international TV thing, and one for a movie. Of course, I hope I get both, but I really, really want the movie gig!! It's only a small part, just a few lines, but I read the whole script and it's a beauty. I loved this guy's last movie, and this one looks every bit as good. That's all I can tell you, but I'm crossing fingers and toes. I'll let you know either way...

After the success of Nevermore in Oamaru in another of our signature venue-tailored pieces, we'll be doing it again later this year at the Oamaru Heritage Festival! Excellent audience feedback included, "That took chops!" I'm well pleased!!

Meanwhile, sometime in October, I will be performing in Dear Jane, NO Productions' award winning play about the life of Jane Deans. The venue will again be Riccarton House, home of the Deans Family.

My neighbour is a student at Ara and was working on a mobile game as part of his course. I helped him as a voice, dialogue and story consultant, and inevitably ended up voicing some stuff for it. Still trying to get my hands on some video screen grabs so I can make a vid and post it here.

The very talented Mark McNeill, creator & producer of the TracPoint promo, has asked me to do another, similar promo for the Red Cross! We shot a trial run at the start of this year and it's working really well. Hoping to shoot it for real later this year. COVID permitting, that is...

Next year, by popular demand, I will be reprising my role in the one act comedy Lover Boy, as the hapless strippagram, for Brick Road Productions! Not sure of venue yet, or exact dates.

Related to Lover Boy is another long term project: I've rejoined the gym, in an effort to reclaim my body from ageing and so I won't feel so bad when performing in Lover Boy.

UPDATE: All was going well until lockdown happened. Then I put back on all the weight I lost. I'm now back to where I was just before lock-down, but a good bit more muscly ...though not good enough to want to show pics of them yet...

New stuff

If you live in NZ or Australia and you haven't seen the awesome movie I was in, The Stolen, head over to YouTube. Go to Stan Walker's channel and you'll find it there for a limited time. Not only was he in the movie, he also wrote and performed the beautiful song at the end of the movie.

I've updated my Showreel to include the TracPoint promo. Click on the pic below to see the full promo, which ended up raising over NZ$210,000 and which has apparently beeen dubbed into Japanese!


After several years voicing ads for NZME I was 'downsized' last year, as they're now voicing most stuff 'in-house.' So, it was great to get an email from my studio guru there asking what my rates were, as Lamb & Hayward's new ad needed re-voicing by me! It's currently getting a LOT of play on local radio, and I got more for recording those 30 and 15 second ads than I used to get from NZME for a whole session of 8 to 10 ads. Revenge is sweet!

We re-shot the video for my Cask of Amontillado reading, and it's now up on my YouTube channel. Head up to my Reel page and you'll find a link to it.

I've done a few things over the years for the Christchurch-based escape room group, Codebreakers. I recently shot some video pieces for their new escape room adventure, Art Heist, in which I play a shady art gallery owner. Their new venue in Christchurch is now up and running (The launch party was amazing!) and I recommend you have a go if you get the chance. Here's a pic of me in the Art Heist room at the launch party.

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