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Here's just a taster of some of my more recent theatrical adventures. I hope to add links to YouTube clips of stuff later, and also a wee archive of older stuff (pics, reviews etc. for any die-hard fans out there) when I get more time...

Hudson and Halls: Live!

"While we watch these two men bristle, cajole, and antagonize each other most of us can’t help but wish they were pouring us a drink each time they top up their own... It is a fine balance walking the line between being true to the essence of the real Hudson and Halls, while not appearing like a caricature. Raoul Neave and Michael Adams did an impressive job of striving for this balance. In particular, Michael’s portrayal of David Halls’ manic energy was fun to see harnessed... By the time we reached the finale the entire theatre smelled like sautéed onions, and we were grinning from ear to ear. A good combination. This show is as fun and sweet as a champagne cocktail, and just as heart-warming as a turkey dinner at Christmas." (Sophie Ricketts - Backstage Christchurch)

The Woman in Black

Woman in Black - Pic by Camera Von Theuns

"Both roles are huge. Kipps has to become a host of locals encountered in the development of the horror and Michael Adams shows his range and versatility with accomplished ease, as well as establishing the hapless solicitor who starts things off...

 ...Between them, the pair presents a riveting experience within a fascinating story." (Theatreview)

"I don't recommend shows I'm not involved in lightly. I saw a production of this in the West End late last year. NO Productions puts on a show damn near as good as the one we saw, at approximately a quarter of the price. And you don't have to fly to London! Get along for the final night and support some local talent!" (Paul Johnson - Facebook)


"It is a thoughtful and absorbing play, worked effectively by three very talented actors and supported in the intimate space of Papa Hou by clever sound and lighting." (Theatreview)

King Lear

"There is no doubt that Lear is a sought after role for senior male actors who are serious about proving their worth on the boards. It can be a scary, soul-baring role to play, and requires total focus and understanding of the character's nuances. Michael Adams rose to the challenge with a clear talent for holding an audience; not a word was wasted." (Sonya Pegg)

"The show takes the audience on a journey as the king falls into madness, which is brilliantly portrayed by Michael Adams."  (The Star)

Danse Macabre

"The first play was a re-working of the short story Casting the Runes by M.R. James. It was a nail-biting number about the villainous Mr. Karswell (played to a loathsome perfection by Michael Adams) and those whom he takes as personal slaves with the help of evil enchantments." (Big Mouf)


The Tempest

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