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Here's my show reel, with clips from a couple of TV ads I did, a bit from the TracPoint Promo (written and directed by the super-talented Mark McNeil), and some wee snippets from The Stolen, a great NZ feaure I was lucky enough to be in! Also below is the complete TracPoint promo, links to the Angel Bay and Arvida TV adverts, and links to my Cask of Amontillado piece on YouTube. Plus, a link to a performance by my alter ego, Frankie Bordeaux. Enjoy!

Not long ago, I shot a commercial for Angel Bay, showing off their delicious meat patties. Click on the pic below for the link

Link to video: Michael Adams - Actor,in TV ad for Angel Bay

The Arvida Retirement Village TV advert I was in is now on-line. I'm the 'sweet as' guy. Just click on the pic for the link:

Link to video: Michael Adams - Actor, appearing in Arvida TV commercial

My alter-ego, Frankie Bordeaux, also likes to share the spotlight! Click on the pic below to see him do his comedy Burlesque routine! 

Link to video: Michael Adams - Actor, in burlesque mode
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