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Here's my show reel, with clips from a couple of TV ads I did, a bit from the TracPoint Promo (written and directed by the super-talented Mark McNeil), and some wee snippets from The Stolen, a great NZ feature I was lucky enough to be in! Also below is the complete TracPoint promo, a link to a lovely short I was in, a link to the Angel Bay TV advert, and a link to my Cask of Amontillado piece on YouTube. Plus, a link to a performance by my alter ego, Frankie Bordeaux. Enjoy!

Not long ago, I shot a commercial for Angel Bay, showing off their delicious meat patties. Click on the pic below for the link

Link to video: Michael Adams - Actor,in TV ad for Angel Bay

Early in 2024 I was involved in a no-budget short film, which turned out to be really lovely. So, here it is.

Link to video: Michael Adams - Actor, in burlesque mode

My alter-ego, Frankie Bordeaux, also likes to share the spotlight! Click on the pic above to see him do his comedy Burlesque routine! 

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