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Kia ora to Ashburton, Auckland & Christchurch in NZ, and 'Not Set' somewhere in England! Thanks to Google Analytics I know you've spent quite some time browsing this site. Thank you! Please, feel free to say hello via the Contact page ;-) And if you have any questions, feedback, page loading problems, corrections (even grammar and spelling) or requests, please let me know.

On Saturday the 16th of November I'll be MCing at the Christchurch Casino.

On Saturday the 24th of November I'll be participating as an actor in a DEGNZ workshop on Directing Intimacy. Hoping to learn quite a bit. Should be a challenge, at least...

Following my video 'welcome' for The Crate Escape's Prison Escape, preparations are afoot for a new escape and a new 'welcome' video. Details to follow.

The producers of the Tracpoint promo have asked me to do another, similar promo for the Red Cross! Budget and script approved, so watch this space.

Next year, by popular demand, I will be reprising my role in Lover Boy as the hapless strippagram, for Brick Road Productions! Not sure of venue yet, but performances will be Weds 29th April to Sat 2nd inclusive. Also, after the success of Nevermore in Oamaru, we'll be doing it again in 2020 at the Oamaru Heritage Festival!

Also in 2020, I'll be heading to Auckland for the Steve Hackett concert on June 2nd. 

New stuff

With thanks to Tash at NZME, I now have some examples of my radio ads (including the Lamb & Hayward ad, running since 2016), which I have crafted into a NEW Voice Reel. Check it out now in the Voice section. It's even downloadable!

Also on the Voice page: a Tribute to Stingray. My homage to the great voice actors who brought those fibreglass puppets to life!

The promo for the new TracPoint device - featuring myself as presenter - recently finished on Kickstarter. Apparently the client 'loved' my work on this! Judging by the response, so did many others. It raised over NZ$210,100!! Rumour has it they intend to dub me into Japanese... Go to my Reel page to see me in action!


We re-shot the video for my Cask of Amontillado reading, and it's now up on my YouTube channel. Head up to my Reel page and you'll find a link to it.

We recently performed Nevermore, NO Theatre's take on Edgar Allan Poe in Oamaru, in another of our signature venue-tailored pieces. Excellent audience feedback included, "That took chops!" I'm well pleased!!

Thanks to the amazing generosity of Victoria Leacock Hoffman, I had a fantastic time in London for the reunion of our Mountview Theatre School class of '84! Probably time to start thinking about the next one...

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